Cakes are always identical with your edible love, happiness that everyone wants to relish. Well, if your best friend, family member, and special one resides in the city of Batala, then there is a token of happy news for you guys. Also, for enjoying delicious delights nowadays we don’t have to hustle much because at our fingertips we can order cake online in our favourite from scrumptious collection of cakes. Anyways, Nowadays, people are very busy in their day to day life and in this busy schedule we all lose the real way of celebration, right? So, don’t you think it’s high time to greet all your loved ones on special days with sweet gestures?

If yes, then, my friend, you must need some delicacies to add the stars of sweetness and brightness to your celebrations. Well, we love to feel proud to become a part of your celebration by availing you with an enormous variety of cakes for your celebrations. But don’t you feed up with regular flavours of cake? If yes, then try these unique bakes for enjoying the new era of cake.

Lemon Rosemary Tea Cake

If you want to try a whole new treasure of flavors or if you are looking for something that will add a new cake of flavor to your platter, then this is a perfect option. This lemon rosemary cake is super easy to bake, and the time period of baking is also less. For making it super creamy a huge amount of whipped cream or creme fraiche is used. This is surely a perfect way to add light if you want to pamper the taste buds of your guests with something unique.

Cinnamon Marble Bread

Easy to bake desserts or cakes are loved by everyone. So are you ready to try this super duper easy chocolate cake recipe for your sweet tooth? If yes, then collect the main ingredients of the cake. Well, melted chocolate, a bowl of cinnamon, butter, almond flour are other main ingredients for baking this delicious delight. Marble is used for naming this cake because for making this cake filling is rolled inside the bread that gives it a texture of marble.

Coconut Angel Cake

Do you ever hear about angels in your real life? Firstly, choco truffle cake comes in this category of angle but now,  angel cake is the true definition of beauty and taste at the same time. The texture of this cake is super airy which makes it light in weight. Now maybe you are thinking that it is a normal coconut cake but you will be glad to know that each layer of this cake is filled with a branch of toasted almonds. The key is to make this cake big on flavor. A huge amount of toasted almonds are mixed in a fluffy whipped cream.

Lemon Drop Sheet Cake

This one is for the true lovers of fruit dessert. Yes, you read it right, lemon drop sheet cake is a citrusy cake that is made by using some unique ingredients that are basically not used in the baking process of any cake. For baking, this cake tangi cream cheese icing, lemon zest, butter, is used for making a stunning top of the cake. Usually, the base of this cake is made with almond flour.

Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

Pan loaf has been used in place of bread in different communities for years. But, what if we say that you can make your boring life exciting by adding some sweet flavors to it. Trust us, once you try this after that you will surely fall in love with it. For making it extra flavourful poppy seeds are mixed in the batter of the loaf. Additionally, you can also add almonds or vanilla ice cream topping this delicious cake.

Here you will find all types of unique cakes that every foodie soul must have to try once in a while in their life.

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